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Meeting Minutes







AFSCME Local 1092 General Membership Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2018---Cloquet Labor Temple


Called to order: 5:35 pm

Roll Call: Jason Montgomery, Louis Kniesel, Jason Anderson, Jessica Langhorst, Dawn Poski, Heather Schultz, Cameo Torok

--Meeting Quorum with additional members present

Treasurer’s Report:

-November: Large deposit, $250 in donations, financial training, retiree dues, and CDs.

-December: Regular deposit, check, discrepancy corrected, mileage, insurance for Moose Lake office, landlord asked us to cover, loss time

-Small balance currently and will increase as long as we keep expenses to a minimum anytime possible.

-Financial report pending audit M/S/C

President’s Report:

-From Field Rep: new way of doing payroll for all locals, president’s meeting this week, direct deposit method instead of writing checks back and forth, etc

-MSOCS Labor Mgmt.: schedules, hours, CARE issues, upcoming meetings

-MSOP Labor Management: New code of conduct policy, having staff sign and agree to it, “catch all policy” and this will carry DCT statewide, can discipline if you refuse to sign, has been in place since December 5 th, 2017.

-Reading of resolution during new business

-Gift Cards: Lots of discussion of people looking for holiday gift cards, we still need to watch our spending, have yet to come up with a solution

-MSOP is taking in more intakes, more revokes occurring, work in process but listing charges on the site along with other reports, local is working hard, Intel Meeting- OSI making spreadsheets- calls, mail, etc data, meet once a month to go over , Jason attending and encourages other people to attend these meetings- especially line staff, Jason will add them if interested, Lou will be going and they said they will allow one more to attend, and if you go- please share the information with the staff, in the years to come there will be a huge amount of data

Vice President’s Report: following up with President’s discussion

Chief Steward MSOCS:

-Shared position down south, have discussed doing it up north but don’t have a good way to do it yet, 2 open investigations currently, site visits in February, Safety Committee Feb 8 th, able to nominate staff in the worksites to attend a luncheon, 72% mastered at EASE, clients are always changing, so needs are

Chief Steward MSOP: Thank you senior stewards for taking on the new stewards and taking them to investigations and involving them to teach them, doing a great job, learning to pull files, 3 rd step prep, etc- Couple 3 rd steps coming up, we dropped one as it was not a contract violation, watch your sick time use and accruals, March 20 th day on the hill- lobby week will coincide, 2 nd lobby week is May 14 th, request vacation time and will discuss expenses later, town hall phone call with Lee Saunders before Janus goes before the Supreme Court, need names of those specifically NOT the e-board- more members to get involved, if interested get the names to Jess.

PEOPLE Committee: NE labor council- having screening Rick Nolan’s seat here at 2pm January 25 th, come hear the screenings, only allowed to vote are those on the council, Pete Stauber, Rick Nolan, Leah Pfeiffer. AFSCME members are all welcome. 1 st meeting AFL CIO- a lot of locals come and meet, approving endorsed nominees, general board 4 times a session/year, council 5 sent in request for time off, Convention is the week before AFSCME convention (September 20-22 nd) at the Hilton Twin Cities, Chris will be attending as she’s on the committee, community services holiday program appreciated our program, helped a lot more families this year, AFSCME taking pictures of volunteers, did “Christmas Bulbs” through HIMS this year and next year we should expand and do more to help! Extremely important next election for governor, talk to our members to educate

New Business:

Resolution: Jason reading entire resolution- “A Resolution to Provide for the Continuing Approval of Regular Business Expenses” discussion and changes needed pertaining to “cell phone allowance” and will need to amend again next year pertaining to Moose Tracks as our lease will be up.

(Resolution will be on the website)

-Motion to adopt resolution removal of cell phone allowance in language M/S/C

-Motion to Donate to Diane A $100 M/S/C

-Lobby Week: Need to figure out details now that we have quorum, 19 th march and may 14 th, not all members will not get union leave, discussion on if we can afford per diem, lost time or a stipend, we definitely need to make a more solid plan

-Motion to take whatever day you want for vacation if it’s one day or all the days, at the capital will not pay lost time for lobby weeks M/S/C

-Motion to pay per diem, hotel and mileage for those attending lobby weeks M/S/C

-Motion to not pay mileage for Day on the Hill- take the bus M/S MOTION WITHDRAWN

-Motion to pay parking fees for occurred at Day on the Hill M/S/C

-Staff out at Hermantown Crisis Home: Misty M for 3 months, out of sick, vacation and HR turned her down for the vacation donation program, reaching out to union for any help $100 M/S/C

-HIMs has an envelope for donations for Mel & Jason Bexell- 10 year son diagnosed with brain cancer, please stop in to donate any and everything you can. Mel is currently not working after dealing with her own cancer diagnosis.

-Next month people will receive information on those running for the board seat. Mike Peck running for pension board- is very passionate about this seat and the ongoing issues. Would very much like to obtain this seat and the local will support. He will be posting information soon.

Motion to Adjourn: 6:49 pm


AFSCME Local 1092 Membership Meeting Minutes

November 8 th, 2017

Cloquet Labor Temple


Type of Meeting: E-Board

Meeting Facilitator: Jason Montgomery

Call to Order: 4:30 pm

Roll Call: Jason Montgomery, Jason Anderson, Heather Schultz, Cameo Torok (Louis Kniesel, Jessica Langhorst & Dan Ring excused)

Old Business:

Motion to Adjourn: 5:10 pm


Type of Meeting: General Membership

Meeting Facilitator: Jason Montgomery

Roll Call: Same as above plus 3 additional members- quorum not met


-Chris S. nominated to be on the Northeast Labor Body Board and will also be on the AFL-CIO Board and attend monthly meetings. Congratulations!!

-November 18 th 3 rd Annual Event for Rick Nolan- Contact Chris for info

Finanical Report:

-Listing of expenses including: rent, payroll, mileage, stewards training, donations and State Negotiations.

-CD’s matured and will be transferring to a higher 6 year CD. Next year our 4 year will mature as well.

-Cancelled Moose Lake office internet, lease up next October, Jason will be speaking with landlord.

-Approved pending audit M/S/C


Motion to Adjourn: 6:28 pm


Local 1092 Meeting Minutes

September 13 th, 2017---Cloquet Labor Temple


Type of Meeting: E-Board

Meeting Facilitator: Jason Montgomery

Call to Order: 4:30 pm

Roll Call: Jason Montgomery, Dan Ring, Heather Schultz, Jason Anderson, Cameo Torok, Louis Kneisel & Jessica Langhorst (excused)

Old Business:

New Business:


Good & Welfare:

Motion to Adjourn: 4:41 pm

Type of Meeting: General Membership

Call to Order: 5:20 pm

Roll Call: Jason Montgomery, Dan Ring, Heather Schlutz, Jessica Langhorst, Jason Anderson, Cameo Torok, Louis Kneisel (excused)

-Plus 10 additional members *Quorum Met*

Old Business:

New Business:

President’s Report:

Chief Steward MSOCS:

Chief Steward MSOP:

PEOPLE Committee:

Motion of Adjourn: 6:21 pm


Local 1092 E-Board Special Meeting Minutes

September 7 th, 2017---Cloquet Labor Temple


Type of Meeting: E-Board

Meeting Facilitator: Jason Montgomery

Call to Order: 4:53 pm

Roll Call: Jason Montgomery, Louis Kneisel, Jason Anderson, Jessica Langhorst, Heather Schultz, Morgen Martin, Cameo Torok, Dan Ring (excused)


Special meeting called to discuss Grievance Training for stewards on Wednesday September 13 th, 2017.


Topics Discussed:


Other issues discussed:



Motion to Adjourn: 6:35 pm M/S/C



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