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Meeting Minutes







Local 1092 General Membership Meeting Minutes
July 12 th, 2017---Cloquet Office


Type of Meeting: E-Board
Meeting Facilitator: Jason Montgomery
Call to Order: 4:40 pm
Roll Call: Jason Montgomery, Louis Kneisel, Jason Anderson, Jessica Langhorst, Heather Schultz, Dan Ring, Cameo Torok
Members Present: Jennifer Montgomery, Christina St. Germaine, Deborah Hansen plus 2 members via phone (total of 13, quorum not met)
-Reviewing June's Meeting Minutes, one correction sought. M/S/C
Old Business:
August's meeting will be out last meeting at the Serviceman's Club in Virginia. Letter has been sent to notify. Members seem to be in favor of the Cloquet office overall.
President's Report:
Grievance denied, currently waiting for response from arbitration team.
Hoping to have potluck during the September 13th meeting here at the Cloquet office. This will tie in with the stewards training that day since it will be right afterwards.
Will be closing Convention nominations at August's meeting.
Motion to appeal at MSOP M/S/C
Vice President's Report:
Lou, Heather and Cameo will be on lost time August 7th-9th visiting sites and getting everyone out to vote.
Nominating J.C. to "Never Quit International Award"
Chief Steward MSOCS:
July 31st attending RAVS meeting regarding the closing/repurposing of program. Bringing questions we have along with those brought up by members. Jason A, Morgan, Heather and Cameo attending.
Recap of MSOCS Labor Mgmt Meeting: vacancies, changes in the day programs, various vacation and scheduling issues.
Chief Steward MSOP:
Discussion about grievance process and who to report to first: HR or Supervisor, reminding members that you can start your first step in the process with your supervisor.
Members working out of class and then being required to do investigations on coworkers/members
PEOPLE Committee:
New employee training in the northern regions will have 1st day at MSOP
The PEOPLE committee met on July 6th to review the ISD 709 School Board Candidates' questionnaires. The committee will be screening 5 candidates; Sally Trnka, Josh Gorham, Rosie Loeffler-Kemp, Art Johnston, and Jill Lofald in person on Monday July 24, 2017 at 6:00 PM at Council 5 Office 211 West 2nd Street Duluth. If you are a PEOPLE member or a member that would like to see the screening please show up.
2 MOM cards given to new hires at Crisis, getting more.
Good & Welfare:
C.B. $100 M/S/C Also, get prayer book to K.B.
N.B. $100 M/S/C

New Business:
Central Labor Body Labor Day Picnic @ Bayfront- $500 M/S/C
New vinyl 1092 Signage- $1500 Fund already in place to use for this
Nominating Jason M & Lou K to be delegates on the Carlton Co. Labor Body

Motion to Adjourn: 6:09 pm M/S/C


Local 1092 General Membership Meeting Minutes

June 15th, 2017


5:32 pm Meeting Called to Order/Roll Call : Jason Montgomery, Louis Kniesel, Jason Anderson, Jess Langhorst (via phone), Dan Ring, Heather Schultz, Christina St. Germaine, +4 additional members present at MSOP.

-Reviewing May's membership meeting minutes- No corrections saught- M/S/C

Old Business: Cloquet Office- did not meet quorom to vote.

President's Report/Jason Montgomery : Supplemental Negotiations, Correspondance-Per capita, members doing very well on MOM cards (28 fair share as of current list) MSOCS is waiting on list, official resignation from Ron Oswald (Thank you for your service!), have auditors report from international. Jason and Lou attended President's Meeting, will share powerpoint ( www.cutshurtmn.com site explains legislation easily) "Push Week" next week, speaking of upcoming potential healthcare changes, denial of leave, medical changes (info on website.)

Vice President's Report/Louis Kneisel : Supplemental negotiations, MSOP-gridlocked-no one agreed, wanted to drop a MOU to agree to at negotiations, management kept trying to pull people aside, offered incentive packages, etc. Lou has notes and attendance if needed: 22 present from management versus 9 members, a lot of back and forth conversation throughout the session.

Treasurer's Report/Jason Anderson : Treasurer's report passed out, CD locked for 5 years, transferred savings due to checking being run down, will be replenishing savings, still behind on 3887 paying rent for office, lodging for SEPC and MCOCS Supplementals, mileage, invesitigations, flowers, retirees, meals/per diem, postage, office supplies, donations, loss time M/S/C

MSOCS Chief Steward's Report/Heather Schultz : 3 grievances, filed 3rd step, issues at Grand Rapids and the Range: need a meet and confir with supervisors; Labor Management: changing the bidding in the letters, Moose Lake ICF is now called "Agate Place" & Virginia ICF is "Cedar Ridge", mention of "appreciation day" in the southern regions-maybe something to try up north?, CARE has 16 open shifts on current schedule, supervisors are refusing to come in and help, should do site visits maybe in July? MSOCS members frequently waiving union representation, being told "not disciplinary" yet it turns out it is.

MSOP Chief Steward's Report/Jessica Langhorst : Several grievances/investigations ETL, watch accruals, unpaid leave, thanking the stewards who have stepped up, grievances not getting to 3rd step meeting when it should be- if they ask us-get it done- try to schedule monthly even if there isn't a Labor Management meeting scheduled.

PEOPLE Committee/Christina St. Germaine : 3 candidates endorsed, Zach Filipovich, Barb Russ and Renae Van Nett- June 20th 6pm meeting Duluth office, (Jason sending to me) Let Christina St. Germaine know if you are interested in attending any events or helping with phone banking, lit dropping, etc in the future.

Good & Welfare - Mel Louks at Pike Lake Home out 8 weeks surgery, Jen will speak with bible company, Mike Pack mentioned that a Crisis staff has been out 2 months- (Mike?) due to back problems, following up.

New Business : Nothing due to quorom not being met.

6:52 pm: Closing of General Membership Meeting.



6:52 pm E-Board Meeting Called to Order by President.

Open Secretary Position : Cameo Torok expressing interest, current E-Board voted M/S/C

Cameo Torok sworn into Secretary position. (Thank you all for this opportunity!!!)

Cloquet office : Majority that voted in Facebook poll were in favor, we have talked at many of the meetings outside of the poll as well, M/S/C

-Pros of the Cloquet location: Rent is $250 a month, has a sink, room downstairs is huge, cheaper, centralized location, wifi, commercial kitchen, other unions use building.

-Drawbacks: Building is currently for sale (but has been for years) so it will have to be a month to month lease, will belong to Carlton County Labor Body, portion of dues will be disbursed to them but may be covered under already standing payment made to the Northeastern Labor Council. Jason will speak with landlord to get things in order.

Chris and Jess went to Policy Committee - next meeting is in October, MOU for MSOCS pilot program would change it into a full time float person, work with management, schedulers could meet when making schedules to utilize those in the pool, then we can take away the variables and the requirement of being assigned to only certain locations, Chris wants to be on the committee for this pilot program- lots of denial of using program (asking to pay loss time and mileage, include room to share in the situation things change and they start early) M/S/C Chris will verify.


7:11 pm E-Board Meeting called to order by President.



E-Board Meeting 4/12/17


Called to order: 16:49

Closed meeting: 17:53

Roll Call: Jason Montgomery, Louis Kneisel, Dan Ring, Jason Anderson, Jessica Langhorst, Heather Schultz, Ron Oswald- Excused

Talked with HR at ML about issues with time off for Union Leave. Jason M and Louis K will be the point people at MSOP with Jason M and Heather S being point for MSOCS.

Timelines for agendas to Ron- Tabled for now

Good and Wellfare Committee- Dan Ring, Dawn Poskie and Jenny Collello

Party/Picnic committee- Heather S., Louis K,

Election Committee for 3 Year Trustee- Jess L

Grievance Committee- Chief Stewards

Stewards training- 5/23/17 at 0900 -1600

E-board training- 5/24/17 work with council

Newsletter Deadline Saturday noon after local meeting.

Changing the meeting date and time: going to conduct a fb poll for members to give input

Membership meeting Drawing: Progressive drawing- must be present to win if the member isn’t there the prize goes up by $10. Going to put in the newsletter for feedback from members.

Supplemental negotiations: MSOCs Set, MSOP and CARE Carleton will be negotiated together. No proposals from members, however the state has proposals. Limit the delegates to 8 + 2 for CARE.

Lobby Week: Tues-Thurs

New Business-


Local 1092 General Membership Meeting

4/12/17 Duluth, MN


Roll Call: Jason Montgomery, Louis Kneisel, Dan Ring, Jason Anderson, Jessica Langhorst, Heather Schultz, Ron Oswald- Excused

Members present: Mike Hennen, Tom Cherro, Nolan Peterson, Gwenn Peterson, Jennifer Montgomery, Steve Stecyk, Cindy Cherro, Kenny Olson, Shelby Hall, Chris St. Germaine

Start: 17:52

End: 18:42

Last meeting minutes- Tabled until May

President’s Report: See Attached Report- Big thanks to Nolan for doing the newsletter and Happy Birthday Nolan. Tonight we are closing nominations for the election of delegates for the spring SEPC Conference. Last week Elliot Seide- Executive Director for AFSCME Council 5, Morgan Martin the local’s Field Rep and Eric Jacobson- Correction’s Liaison toured MSOP. They were extremely Impressed with professionalism and will be scheduling a visit in Aug. That visit will occur during 1 st and 3 rd watch to see more members. Site Visits were conducted by myself and Louis, MSOP L/M meeting posted.

Lobby week occurred, 9 members turned out, it is ugly at the capital. Please contact your reps if you get a message from AFSCME Council 5. MAKE CALLS it’s important.

Vice President’s Report: Thank you for everyone for showing up tonight this is great. Update on gift cards we are getting very close to completing this list. We will need 15 more cards to catch all members. Went to Grand Rapids and it was a good visit. They seem to be doing well up there.

Treasurer’s Report: Regular deposit, plus 1 refund from the hotel. LUP(Local union Payroll) was up due to Negotiations and lobby week. Motion to approve pending audit- M/S/C

Secretary Minutes from last month: E-board minutes presented and will be posted. Last month’s minutes will be posted and will be approved at the May local meeting.

Trustee’s REPORT: Pam H. and Christina St. Germaine met with Jason A. to conduct the Audit. Everything was in order. Very well organized. Thank you Jason Anderson

Chief Steward MSOP- See attached

Chief Steward MSOCS- Negotiations being set up, Statewide L/M and Local L/m occurred, figuring out a new call out sheet for OT

People Committee- 5/3/17 Labor Temple See attached sheet

Old Business-

New Business-

Motion made to pass the above team/ Seconded/ Carried

GOOD and Welfare-

$100 Mike Downing- Wife has very aggressive cancer out right now, 2 small children at home M/S/C

Good and Welfare committee has been set up please contact Dan Ring, Jenny Collello,

Congratulations to Becky M.

Membership Drawing- Steve Stecyk Congrats

Motion to Adjourn/ M/S/C 6:42pm




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